President Bush has pledged to:
- Stimulate small business growth
- Lift unfair regulatory burdens on small business
- Encourage greater cash flow through tax reductions
- Changes in the tax code
- Ensure that entrepreneurs get access to government contracts

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GSA Zone working through General Services Administration (GSA) to capture your GSA Schedule number through our proposals is one of the most effective contracts to facilitate business development.  

With a GSA schedule, firms can now obtain contracts from the government with little or no government procurement nightmares and competition.  Once you have your schedule, marketing to the government is much more like commercial marketing. But most business owners and manager lack the time necessary to learn about GSA Schedules and to figure out the process for successfully applying.  Plenty of consultants are available to help, but fees often exceed $15,000, with many averaging $30,000 to $40,000.

GSA Zone helps businesses who don't have the time or money to throw at the problem. Our innovative, disciplined approach ensures that we produce a winning proposal at a fixed fee that is usually less than half the typical rate. We guarantee our full service program by committing to work with you until you receive your award.


Moreover, we provide high-level, personalized support from beginning to end; there is no switching to younger, less experienced consultants once the contract is signed. Finally, as your award date nears, we provide your staff with training on how to market under your GSA contract.

GSA Zone: Federal Supply Service


                                                      • Provider of products, services, and programs to meet customers’ supply, service, procurement, vehicle purchasing/leasing, travel/transportation, and personal property management requirements


GSA Zone: Federal Technology Service


    • Inside source for IT and telecommunications; helping customers get the right technology, from the right source, at the right price, to meet their current and future needs


GSA Zone: Business Intelligence Service


    • Competitve Price Analysis, Price file management, Vendor selection, Top sellers by sales and hits, Ongoing Price uploads to optimize margins
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